Asus wifi extender for dead zones

internet is first thing that we need to survive in our daily life. When you need to get internet connections in wireless mode, you will need some kind of advance device and some these devices are given below.

  • Asus wifi router device
  • Asus access point device
  • Asus modem device
  • Asus wifi extender device

Asus repeater mode

These are only few examples that you will find with Asus but there are many other kind of devices that you will find these days. In this article we are particularly going to talk about Asus wifi extender devices.

What is the Use of Asus Wifi Extender Devices?

This is very common question and no one know about these devices. If you do not know what is use of asus wifi extender device then we are here to resolve your issues. Asus wifi extender devices will boost the weak wifi connections at your home.

You will place your Asus wifi extender devices will be placed to the center places. A location between your Asus wifi router devices and computer devices will be the best location for placing your Asus wifi extender devices.

Asus dual band repeater

How to Change Asus WiFi Extender Settings?

There are some default settings that you will get with Asus wifi extender devices and you can easily change these default settings from Asus wifi extender page.

  • Connect Asus wifi extender device with a computer.
  • After that provide power supply to your device and then open web browser.
  • After that fill http:// IP address to the address bar. Use “admin” as user name and password.

Asus n300 repeater

  • Change the settings for Asus wifi extender device and click on “Apply” button.

If you need to choose any Asus wifi extender device from the list then you can get the device from the Asus website.

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