What to do if forgot the WiFi access password for Asus WiFi extender device?

when you setup an Asus WiFi repeater device for your location, you will find the option for setting up the WiFi access password for your device. This WiFi access password will help you to make sure that you can easily secure the internet access for your devices. Any wireless device that want to access WiFi from your network, he will need to fill that WiFi access password and then he or she will allowed to access the internet connections.

You can change these WiFi access passwords any time but make sure that you can remember the WiFi password that you are going to set for your device. If you forgot the WiFi access password for your device then you can easily recover the lost password for your device. In this article we are going to explain the steps that you follow and have your lost WiFi access password.

Here are the Steps to Recover the Lost Password for your Asus WiFi extender Devices | http:// router.asus.com Login

  • Make sure that your modem device, your Asus WiFi router device and computer device is connected together and then you can provide power supply to your devices.

  • Open the web browser and access http:// router.asus.com web address. This is the default login address that is used for the Asus WiFi repeater and router devices.

  • At the login window will the Asus router login user name and password for your device.
  • Go for the “wireless” option for your device.

  • After that choose the “general” option.
  • From there you can easily find the WiFi access password for your device.

These are the simple steps that you will need to follow so that you can easily recover the lost password for your Asus WiFi router devices. Make sure that you can also get the login and complete details for Asus router configuration Asus router setup | Asus router login Asus account login Asus router sign in router.Asus.com router Asus login access my Asus router http //router.Asus.com login http //router.Asus.com router.Asus.com and Asus router login

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