Introduction to Asus RP-AC87 wifi repeater device

As much as getting a new router will help you in increasing your connection speed or you can say it will be helpful in extracting the full potential of the bandwidth provided by your internet service provider, it is also necessary to get a good extender if you need one. If you have a big house where it is impossible for your router to provide the signal, you have to get an extender or a repeater device to provide a helping hand to your router in providing stable and enough signal strength to all the parts of your home and don’t let dead zones to form up.

Through the Asus wireless repeater setup, you also don’t have to worry about the cables and connectors. As it’s totally wireless, the setup process is also very easy and can be easily done by you.

For a better idea and easy setup, follow the steps below and enjoy the internet at its best.

Asus dual band repeater

  • Plug the repeater into a power socket, somewhere near your host router so it can receive good signal strength at the time of connection.
  • The connection could be made in two easy ways, the WPS method and the web login method.
  • The easiest one is the WPS method where all you have to do is follow the steps below and you are done.
    1. After plugging in a power source, wait for a few seconds.
    2. Press the WPS button on the host router and immediately press the button present on the repeater.
    3. Wait for 2 minutes for the LEDs to stable and the connection is successfully established.

Asus n600 rp n53 repeater

  • Through the web login method, you have to connect the Ethernet cable to the laptop or PC and enter the Asus wireless repeater setup through a browser by 192.368.1.1.

These easy steps will help in establishing a stable connection throughout your home and also you will be able to transmit the same SSID along with the security key.

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