USB device connected to the Asus WiFi repeater device

From this blog, you will get the steps that are helpful in monitoring or checking of USB device

What are the ways to check for the USB device or ASUSWRT?

The ASUS wireless router came with the two USB ports which are helpful in connecting USB devices or USB printers and helps its users in sharing their data or sharing their file. And printer helps in printing the necessary data within the network range.

Asus repeater rt n12

Asus n600 rp n53 repeater

Special note for expressvpn Asus router setup:

If you want to see this great feature you just need to plug the USB storage device which may be USB hard disk or may be USB flash drive to the USB ports 3.0 or 2.0 ports. You must attach these on the rear panel of your wireless router.

While doing so you must ensure that the USB storage device must be formatted and partitioned correctly.

The USB port support two types USB drivers which are printers or USB drive at same time.

Here are the steps for checking of USB device

Step 1: Using the navigation panel go to general à network Map

Step 2:  Using the network map screen select the option of USB disk status for getting all the information of your USB device.

Steo 3: On the option of AiDisk Wizard, click on the option of goto set up an FTP servers for sharing all the internet related files.

Steps for removing the USB disk

Step 1: By making the use of the navigation panel. Go to general à network map

Step 2: On the upper right corner click on the option of eject USB disk and by doing so your USB disk will be ejected successfully and you will have the USB status uncounted.


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