WPS configurations for Asus WiFi repeater device

A new Asus WiFi repeater device can be added to your home network using the WPS or WiFi protected configurations. These WPS configuration will help you to add your device to network and there are very simple steps that you can follow and have WPS settings for your device. In this article we are going to explain the WiFi protected setup for your device and after that you can use http:// repeater.asus.com web address and then access the login page for your device. Make sure that you can change the login user name and password for your device once your Asus WiFi repeater device is added to your network.

There are two possible ways you can use for setting up the WPS configurations for your Asus WiFi router device. First one is known as WPS PIN method and second one is known as push button method. You can find the WPS PIN from the product box and then you will need to fill the WPS PIN to the specified areas. If you want to go for the WPS push button method then you will need to press the WPS button for the Asus WiFi router device and WiFi extender device for once and then your device will be added to your home network very easily.

If you want to use the WPS PIN method then here are the steps that you will need to follow

  • Access the login page for your Asus WiFi router device and you can do this by accessing the login page using http:// repeater.asus.com web address.
  • Fill the Asus WiFi repeater login user name and password for your device.
  • Go for the “Wireless” option from the configuration page.
  • After that choose the “WPS” tab.

  • You can then need to use the “Client PIN Code”
  • Find the PIN from the back side of your product.

These are the steps for WPS PIN method and from other articles you will get details for Asus router login router.Asus.com http //router.Asus.com http //router.Asus.com login access my Asus router router Asus login Asus router sign in router.Asus.com Asus account login Asus router setup | Asus router login and Asus router configuration



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